Below is the schedule for Summer Fun Fellowship 2022. Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

All participants will receive a printed version of the schedule at the event.


8:30 AM Check In and Camp Set Up Greeting Desk
9:30 AM Opening Conference Room
9:30 AM Lodge Ball Front Lawn
10:30 AM Giant Water Slide Back Hill
11:30 PM Lunch Conference Room
12:30 PM Arcade Excursion Arcade
2:30 PM Cornhole Tournament Front Lawn
4:30 PM Call Out Setup Octagon Patio
5:30 PM Dinner Conference Room
6:30 PM Evening Games Front Lawn
7:20 PM Ceremony Preparation Conference Room
8:00 PM Call Out Ceremony Back Field
9:00 PM Single-Day Check Out Greeting Desk
9:00 PM After-Dark Games TBA
10:00 PM Cracker Barrel/Quiet Hours Conference Room
11:00 PM Lights Out Campsites



8:00 AM Wake Up Campsites
8:20 AM Breakfast Dining Hall
9:30 AM Scout Worship Service TBA
10:00 AM Campsite Clean Up Campsites
10:00 AM Adviser’s Meeting Conference Room
11:00 AM LEC Meeting Conference Room
12:00 PM Check Out Greeting Desk