Kiondaga Lodge Bylaws


This document is designed to give a framework of the operations of Kiondaga Lodge. The purpose of this document is to guide the lodge to success. We believe this document is invaluable, and we know you will find it as useful as we do. We hope that this document will be continually revised and amended and will serve the lodge for many years to come.

We would like to extend a special thank you to previous Lodge Chiefs and Advisers who helped make the current version possible.

About the Versions

There are two versions of the Kiondaga Lodge Bylaws below. The first version is a PDF of the bylaws as amended, this document should be referenced if you are looking for rules regarding the current operations of Kiondaga Lodge.

The second version is the version that is continually being updated by members of the Lodge Executive Committee in preparation for the annual business meeting. If you wish to review this version, you may find it here.

Kiondaga Lodge Bylaws as amended

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Kiondaga Lodge Bylaws working version

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Kiondaga Lodge Bylaws working version

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Comments & Questions

We hope that you will find these bylaws as useful as we do! If you have any comments, please submit them below or to [email protected].

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