This Callout Ceremony was conducted May 7, 2021. For up-to-date information regarding the lodge, please visit our home page.

Watch our Virtual Call Out Ceremony below.

Welcome to the Order of the Arrow, Kiondaga Lodge. The OA is Scouting’s National Honor Society. We recognize Scouts based on leadership, camping, and service. Your election to the Order of the Arrow by your peers shows your outstanding character. We encourage you to become a member of the OA by attending your induction weekend – coming up on May 14-16 at our annual Spring Fellowship. Learn more about the OA, the callout ceremony, and your Ordeal – including what to bring – in the letter below. Be sure to register soon!


Congratulations to the following inductees! If you do not see your name below but were elected to the OA, please contact your Scoutmaster/Crew Adviser or Kiondaga Lodge.


161 B – Wyatt K.312 B – John V.
161 B – Josiah J.312 B – Luke R.
186 B – Leo W.
315 B – Michael P.
186 B – Miles W.315 B – Rhys D.
186 B – Gavin K.315 B – Matt H.
186 B – John D.345 B – Eli M.
186 B – Aiden N.345 B – Tyler B.
186 B – Conner H.
345 B – Jonathan K.
186 B – Isaiah L.
345 B – Matthew K.
186 B – Tommy G.345 B – Josh K.
186 B – Luke M.
345 B – Hunter T.
301 B – Jacob S.345 B – Isaiah T.
301 B – Alex S.345 B – Logan T.
305 B – Landon H.350 B – Ethan F.
305 B – Brayden M.350 B – Brent F.
312 B – Nicholas H.

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