Q: Why is the Elangomat job important?

A: The Elangomat is critical in the Order of the Arrow because it is essential to the membership of new members that their Induction is meaningful and helpful. If a Candidate gets the wrong impression of the Order or does not understand what is happening during the process, s/he may soon abandon the lodge. Elangomat is Lenni Lennape for friend and a friend is just what new members need. They need guidance to see the path to Brotherhood and why it is important.

Q: What does an Elangomat do at a Spring/Fall Ordeal?

A: The Elangomat supervises the candidates at all times during the Ordeal experience. S/he watches that candidates are safe, healthy, and adhering to the tests of the Ordeal. S/he also is the logical leader. S/he gets their group to where they need to be on time with the appropriate attire and equipment. Lastly, s/he supports the candidates and encourages them in their time of testing.

Q: Spring/Fall Ordeal is over now what?

A: An Elangomat’s job is not over right after the candidates finish their Ordeal. The Lodge would like to try something different for a change. You should write down the candidates name and number, so you can contact them before an LEC meeting or Lodge event to encourage them to come to the meeting/event, and stick with them until they earned brotherhood.

Q: How often should I contact Candidates?

A: At least once a month with information about Lodge Events.

Q: What drives me to keep communication with those Candidates for so long?

A: As an Elangomat, you have a responsibility to your crew to give them the best chance they can have at becoming successful in the Order of the Arrow which can affect the rest of their lives. As a representative of your lodge, candidates base their views of the Order on their experience with you. It is your duty to show them how great our brotherhood can be so they can choose to go on and not be shunned away.

Q: Why do I have a Co-Elangomat?

A: Two Elangomats may be paired together so that they may assist each other and make sure no crew gets one Elangomat who fails on the job.

Q: Who do I talk to if I have questions or want to sign up to be an Elangomat?

A: The Elangomat Chairman is head of the Elangomat Committee; He is in charge of recruiting and training of Elangomats as well as the supervision of Elangomats during the Ordeal Weekends. You should contact him if you have any question or if you are interested in being an Elangomat at the next Ordeal. Free free to reach out to Brian Conner at [email protected].