On the Saturday night of October 29th, we had our 2nd annual Halloween Party at the Eykamp Center. We had a ton of fun! However before we started we had to clean up the Haunted house from Spook-O-Ree that we staffed. Then we had a LEC to discuss the Spook-O-Ree and a few business items. We opened the party with 9-Square in front of the Eykamp Center, while have Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros inside and Cornhole next to the Trading post. After that we had pizza.

Then we continued to Mario Kart and Smash Bros. While taking a break from video games, we did some team games. Games included mummy wrapping, doughnut on a string, and musical chair. Next we cleaned upped a bit and continued playing Video games. We look forward to see every one back next year during the spooky season!

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