Over the weekend of August 13-14th, we had our annual Summer Fun Fellowship at the Eykamp Center. Even though we were not at Old Ben, we still had a ton of fun! We opened the morning with a game of kickball in front of the Eykamp Center before moving on to setting up the giant slip and slide. Even though we were not at Old Ben and did not have a steep hill to slide down, we made do with what had and everyone had a blast slip and sliding down the hill!

And when we took a break from the sun and rested inside, there was an amazing trading post stocked with squishees! The new squishee flavor of Pineapple was unveiled and heavily enjoyed! A new excursion item everyone enjoyed was a trip to the arcade! We spent a while at the arcade playing retro games and having good fellowship talking and playing with each other.

Once we headed back to the Eykamp Center, there was still more fun to be had in a cornhole tournament and a 4v4 badminton game! The fun continued through dinner and into a game of Jeopardy of random knowledge about the OA. After a brief break, and cracker-barrel, we headed back outside for the after-dark game of capture the flag back behind the Eykamp Center! Overall the event was filled with lots of fun! After tearing everything down Sunday morning, the Lodge Executive Committee met to discuss the weekend and a few business items.

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