Get SPOOoo0o0oOKED with OA at the Kiondaga Lodge Halloween Party! This is a great chance, especially for our new members, to take part in the best parts of OA. The party is at the Eykamp Scout Center, immediately following the council’s morning Spook-O-Ree event (about 3 pm). The registration cost is 6 dollars and there is a walk-in fee of 2 dollars.  Feel free to wear a costume, be ready to eat some candy, and we’ll see you there!

In the morning we will be serving the council by scaring cub scouts in the “Haunted House” (a very decorated conference room). The more scary faces we can enlist will only add to the spookiness. If you are interested in staffing the Haunted House, or if you have any questions about the Halloween Party, please get in touch with Lodge Chief Andy Hardgrave or Lodge Adviser Wayne Carter.