As the second year after having to cancel Rank Up for Covid, this year’s event was a major success! There were 40 youth participants and over 80 people total at camp. Immediately after flags, everyone jump into the morning sessions where scouts at various stations learned about tools and fire, nature, orienteering, and first-aid. By noon, everyone was ready and pleased for lunch prepared by the Winkelman’s and kitchen crew. For the afternoon, everyone finished their rotation through the stations, made sure to stop at the trading post, and headed home after closing flags.

For such a simple, single-day event, the scouts present had such a fun time and gained a very wide breath of scouting skills. Thank you so much to the Arrowmen who assisted at the stations and around the event including the trading post staff, Troop 301, Troop 374G, the Rokickis, Greg Seibert, Adam White, and the kitchen crew. We can’t wait to get started on planning Rank Up 2024!

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