Rank Up 2023 Recap

As the second year after having to cancel Rank Up for Covid, this year’s event was a major success! There were 40 youth participants and over 80 people total at camp. Immediately after flags, everyone jump into the morning sessions...Read More

Section Conclave 2022 Recap

In a blast to the past, Kiondaga Lodges’ Contingent went to Section C-6A’s (Now known as Section E1) “Back to the Future” Conclave this past weekend! It was a trek from Evansville to Camp Buffalo near Monticello (nearly 4 and...Read More

Rank Up 2022 Recap

Kiondaga Lodge was pleased to serve our council by hosting Rank Up again this past March! Much preparation went into the organization of the event, and all of the help from our volunteer staff was greatly appreciated. We would like...Read More

Swonder Meet Up Recap

Just this Saturday, March 20th, we held our first skating fellowship event! It was good seeing everyone having fun whether they were hockey players or novices on the ice. Thank you to Swonder Ice Arena for hosting and accommodating us....Read More

Winter Banquet 2020

Winter Banquet is one of Kiondaga Lodge’s four highlight events. It is also chance for us look back on the past year, award some of our members for their outstanding service, and get ready for the new year. This year...Read More

Lodge Leadership Development 11/14

Coming Up Saturday November 14 is our annual Lodge Leadership Development (LLD)! If you are interested in learning more about all areas within the Order of the Arrow including cheerful service, elections, and brotherhood, join us for trainings on these...Read More

Opportunities at NYLT

National Youth Leadership training is an advanced training course offered by Buffalo Trace Council each year. The leadership skills developed at this course are applicable everywhere - your patrol, your troop, your job, your church, your school, and even your lodge. Three of our current lodge officers have completed NYLT...Read More